I Hate WalMart
August 26, 2016, 02:22:26 AM *
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Author Topic: Walmart.com Sucks!  (Read 8631 times)
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« on: August 01, 2012, 04:31:30 PM »

I needed a steam cleaner for my carpet. The store has a limited selection so I went online to make the purchase. I think the shipping was free so I figured "how difficult can this be?"
Well, was I in for a surprise. My credit card was not accepted on the website, so I tried to order ANOTHER steam cleaner on the website (with another credit card) thinking the site might have "hiccuped" when I entered the order.
Both orders were suspended then cancelled due the credit card (which, BTW I had PLENTY of room to charge on both cards), so I called customer service. I was told that my credit card may have a problem with the intermediary (Visa) system and they gave me Visa's phone number. Visa was shocked that I'd be told to call them; their role in the process is behind the scenes and has nothing to do with the actual customer. (it's a B2B transaction)
Now, as it turned out, I had an emergency and needed to use one of the credit cards to pay for the emergency. Wrong! Walmart puts a three day hold on the transaction which essentially eats up my available credit, even though they have sent me emails telling me the order has been cancelled. If it's been cancelled, why is it showing up on my Visa transactions when I call my credit card company?
Something is NOT right here. BTW I work in Finance and am more savvy than most when it comes to processing payments.
I will NEVER buy anything from Walmart.com AGAIN.
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